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(x-posted.. sorry, I hate doing that)

My name's Lily, I'm 16.. live in FL (damn it's hot down here).. annnd umm.. yeah I consider myself to be very involved in ana. of course, the only cases you hear about are the ones like MK Olsen (who has grown on me).. where they get very very skinny.. and it's obvious.. then there are people like me, healthier on the outside, with the mindset inside of an anorexic, that slowly deteriorates the body and self esteem.. and it's kind of.. hard to realize that.
staying strong has never been so important, my lovelies.

mm.. my stats can be found here. This is a brand new journal specifically for ana related stuff.. I just thought I'd like to seperate this part of my life from everything else.. other journal: kaleidosugarf0x

ooh.. and check out my other entry for pics.
heh, brand new journal = 2 entries..
hmm.. would anyone mind telling me if they can see my peekatures? I think Photobucket is having some problems.. but it could just be my EXTREMELY VIRUS-INFECTED computer. yes, thanks muchly.

**blows kisses**
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