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I was afraid of this happening...

After being away for a week I had to come home so I could weigh myself. So here's the summary of how things have been going: I've been very restricted from food because I'm housesitting and the owners didn't leave me with much. In the past two weeks I have eaten about 4,000 calories and worked out on average 4 hours a day. Last Wednesday I was 129 lbs, today I am 132 lbs. That is 3 lbs in one week. Some ass-hat tried to tell me that I gained back lost bone marrow, but he had no info on me so it was all some bullshit theory. I can feel and see the difference in my muscles and I think it's fairly reasonable to say all the gained weight is from that. My waist is still at 30"... 26" if I suck in; my hips are at 36", and I think my boobs are getting smaller. My neck lin looks beautiful, my collar bones are very defined and I'm tan now so it looks great. My ribs done show yet unless I suck in, and my hips only show a little. I've noticed that my hands look green, today I stared at them all through school, I guess I have lost some weight in my hands and so all my veins, arteries, and tendons or w/e all show so they look green from the veins and arteries. I'm trying to do jaw exercises, I want my face to be more defined. I thought after doing so many drugs and all the jaw clenching that my face would be pretty, but it's not yet. Damn drugs are good for anything. hehe
Well I guess that's all for my update. I gotta go. I'll post new pics this weekend.
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