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I'm housesitting for a friend of mine and I thought that not eating would be easier here seeing as the only things to eat are some cheese, sesame bagels, and ice cream. However, add in the fact that it's an unlimited amount of ice cream, it gets a lil harder. And there's no scale here. The only thing I have to check myself with is my belt and a mirror. I'm seriously going to go nuts.
Here's what I've had in the past week (since Sunday):
3 nutri-grain bars
1 pint of ice cream
5 dr peppers
1 garlic cheese bread
2 bagels
1 jamba juice
1 snickers bar
That seems like too much, even though it's probably not. Oh well. It definitly lacks any nutritional content. I should make it a point to eat something healthier if I am actually going to eat.
If only I could be like 30 lbs less... that would be awesome.
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