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This is bad...

Nothing looks "thin enough" to me anymore. I tried to find a thinspiration picture for my desktop, and nothing looked good enough for me. I even thought Gisele looked fat!! I don't know what's wrong with me. Nothing looks good unless I can see bone.
I weigh 129 still. I'm starting to wonder what I'd look like at 100, but then realising I'll never get there. I've stopped taking the bus, I now walk or bike everywhere or take the train. I thought maybe doing crunches everyday and using weights would tone out all the fat, and then I'd be happy with the numbers if I knew they weren't fat, but now I have muscle with a thick layer of fat over the top.
Everyone is starting to get on my case for not eating again. For a while I had people in support of me not wanting to eat, but then they all came to their senses I guess. My mom's mad because the food is going bad, and then she just gets even more pissy when I tell her to stop buying food.
Am I the only person who posts here anymore? Am I the only one who reads this community anymore? Oh well.
I'm bored right now, so I guess I'll update my stats and post a pic.
height: 5'8"
hw: 165 lbs
cw: 129 lbs
gw: 115lbs for now
waist: 30"

I just took these a couple minutes ago:

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